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Licorería Miramar completes Pre18 program

The first cocktail and culinary innovation laboratory in the Caribbean participated in the program that promotes innovative businesses at an early stage

After 12 intense weeks during which Licorería Miramar’s team participated in mentoring sessions and monitoring as part of the Pre18 program, the first fully integrated innovation lab with extended capabilities for research, testing and mass-production of essential cocktail ingredients presented its project at the Demo Day entitled 'El Boricua se las inventa'.

In the event, they presented their growth process during the program along with 35 other companies.

Leslie Cofresí explained Licorería Miramar concept to the audience at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

Licorería Miramar is the first gastronomic project in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean dedicated to the research and creation of gastronomic values, focused on cocktails. We develop bar solutions for the hospitality and restaurant industries, but at the same time, our mission is to create experiences and shape what and how people drink,” explained one of the founders of the concept that is in its final construction stage at Ave. Ponce De León in San Juan.

In addition to presenting some of the consulting projects that are already operating, they offered attendees a sample of the products that are produced and developed in Licorería Miramar. Guests were able to mix the flavors and decoration of two signature cocktails to their liquor glasses.

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