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Roberto Berdecia was part of Clase Maestra @ Perú and it was awesome

He represented La Factoría in the most important mixology gathering in Latin America

Seven years ago, Peruvian mixologists Franco Cabachi and Manuel Cigarróstegui created Clase Maestra, an annual event that has become the most important gathering of Latin American mixology.

One of our founders, Roberto Berdecia, was invited to participate in this year's edition, held in Lima.

“Participating in events in other countries is always enriching, but this time it was even better, because I was able to work along with colleagues who are raising the quality and creativity in many bars in the region,” Berdecia explains.


Berdecia also represented La Factoría in two guest shifts at Carnaval Bar and at Félix Brasserie. There, he crafted some of Facto’s flagship cocktails. In addition, he shared with colleagues from Limantour (Mexico), Florería Atlántico (Argentina), among others.

He was also a keynote speaker during Clase Maestra, where he talked about Colectivo Ícaro and also discussed how the human palate develops.

“Part of our mission is to strengthen mixology in Puerto Rico and to establish regional ties. Definitely, events like Clase Maestra are essential for Puerto Rico to continue expanding its international footprint,” Berdecia added.

Berdecia’s participation in the event was possible thanks to the support of Pernod Ricard.

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