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This Is The New Experience Everyone In Condado Is Talking About

Meet Surf Caffè, a space to enjoy refreshing cocktails, delicious dishes and gourmet coffee while you admire the amazing view of the sea

Colectivo Ícaro and Serafina Beach Hotel opened Surf Caffè, a new venue at Condado, where you can enjoy refreshing cocktails, lunch or dinner, facing a breathtaking view to the sea, Leslie Cofresí, one of the group’s co-founders, announced. 

“Since Vittorio Asaff showed us the facilities under the tutelage of SBH, we thought it was the perfect spot to create a venue that embodies Condado’s character —the beauty of the street ambiance right on the seashore. With this project, we seek to contribute to the rebirth of the Condado area with a relaxed, but sophisticated offer. We wanted to create a space that appeals to the Condado residents and also gives tourists the opportunity to mix with the locals in an authentic way,” Cofresí explained. “We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate in an innovative way that arises from an agreement between Colectivo Ícaro, Paulson and Co. and Serafina Restaurant Group.”

Surf Caffè is located at Plaza Alberto Escudero (former Barlovento). It will offer a refreshing menu that includes appetizers like the Shrimp Lumpias —delicious fried pastry stuffed with shrimp with vegetables in Julienne cut, served with sweet and sour sauce—, Longaniza Sliders —made with homemade sausage in brioche bread—, or the Surf Empanadas —made out of sausage, goat cheese and served with spicy rum-based glaze. There are several main dishes, like Chicken Breast with Risotto and Portobello Mushrooms or the Tornado Churrasco Steak with Fries

Mixology, one of the pillars of Colectivo Ícaro, is essential as part of the experience in Surf. The tropical environment lends itself to a menu of fresh cocktails, which can be enjoyed while admiring the sunset or at night with a group of friends. Created by a team that includes renowned bartenders Leslie Cofresí, Roberto Berdecia and José “Chuck” Rivera, it includes innovative creations like the bubbly Sbagliato Negroni —a refreshing twist on an Italian classic—, the Rebujito or coffee-based cocktails like the Espresso Martini

Surf Caffè also has a wide range of gourmet coffee that perfectly complements the dining experience. You can enjoy it in various methods beyond the traditional Latte or cappuccino.

A place to unwind

Aware of the vibrant and cosmopolitan energy of Condado, Colectivo Ícaro bets on Surf Caffè to become the meeting point for locals and tourists alike to enhance the value of the area. “Apart from its privileged location, Surf will offer music events on weekends, as well as collaborations to carry out activities for the whole family,” Cofresí added.

To find out about the events that will take place in Condado’s new favorite spot, we invite you to follow Surf Caffè on social media: @SurfCaffe (Instagram & Facebook).

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